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Be it after publishing. a comparison test early you can pause the activity but will not be able to resume it later. Understand your test results Now that you know how toOn running a comparison test let’s look at how to interpret the test results and display your winning ad. results. the cost per goal for each ad group is compar and the ad group with the lowest cost per goal is nam the winning ad group. Please note that it may take up to hours after completion of the comparison test to determine the winner and calculate the confidence level. Next let’s review how to interpret the confidence levels associat with comparing test results.

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The confidence level interpretation considers New Zealand WhatsApp Number List any test with a confidence level above that to be strong evidence of the winner among the test alternatives regardless of the number of variables consider in the study.  can be us for the confidence level below to determine whether the continuity of the superiority of the best-performing variance in a test relative to other variables is high enough to warrant re-running the comparison test.

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Recommend lower limit for high-confidence Brazil Email List results by number of variables Confidence level Two variations Variation Variation Showcase your winning ad groups To see the confidence level of a result. click the badge in the Ad Groups section of the Ads Manager table icon. To create a new campaign using your ad set and winning ads click View Winning Creative Campaigns. You will have two options to showcase your winning creative campaign Options Deploy Campaign will create a new campaign using the ad group and winning ad. This ad group will use the same budget and start.


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