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Commerce Place the products you sell front and center to increase purchase intent. Apps and Games showcase the app’s features. functionality. and benefits in ad creative. Local businesses draw attention to the key visual features of their storefront or location.  products your business specializes in. For example. a local restaurant can showcase popular or specialty dishes in ad creative to attract customers. Leveraging Customer Reviews and Word of Mouth Leveraging word of mouth is an easy and inexpensive way to attract new customers and convince them to try your products or use your services.

Highlight the services or

A simple way to leverage the power of word Peru WhatsApp Number List of-mouth for marketing is to use video testimonials of customers unboxing and reviewing your products or commenting on your business events. Including word-of-mouth testimonials can help users better understand your products. connect with your brand. and understand how your business adds value.  on Facebook is to reverse the linear narrative and keep the ad length to around seconds. This gives your brand the opportunity to reach potential customers in a way that feels natural and non-intrusive and puts you at the center of their conversation.

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Another tip for using testimonials

Ads with user-generat content. And or inspir Korea Email List features are generally more likely to be view in full than more polish ads. This makes your ad appear more. Through the purchase journey The purpose of conversion marketing is. To build awareness of your brand or business. introduce your products or services to potential customers and convert those prospects into new and repeat customers. When advertising on we always recommend starting with a general campaign to focus on and maintain awareness with limit targeting. Consistently target. large-scale marketing campaigns collect large numbers of impressions.


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