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Use ai to help customers find and purchase the information they want faster and more conveniently. There is one branding slogan that impressed What reviews me recently. It’s netflix’s ‘what are you watching on netflix these days?’ this is the slogan. Existing netflix advertisements were focused on advertisements focused on the work. “there’s a drama called <the glory> coming out. It’s an incredible work, and it’s only on netflix! It was something like. “why don’t you sign up and watch it?” the strategy was to get people to join netflix by focusing on well-made original content rather than the platform. Left image: drama <the glory> banner, right image: drama <dp> banner the current situation with netflix is ​​a bit different.

A variety of original content is released every month.

New ott platforms have emerged, and they are also competing with youtube content. As a result, netflix needed a new strategy. That’s how it came out, ‘what are you watching on netflix these days?’ this is the slogan. ‘what are you watching on netflix these days. Brand campaign advertisement rather than relying New Zealand Phone Number Data on one work to explain. Why new customers should sign up for netflix and exNew isting customers why they shouldn’t cancel their subscription. We expand the scope to a variety of works and ask for reasons why they should stay with netflix.


It was a brand marketing example that made me think that.

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It was an interesting approach to empathize by reflecting the experiences of viewers who were wondering what to watch on netflix. What kind of netflix slogan are you talking about all of a sudden? As I listened to the background of this slogan. I thought it was AustraliaPhone  Number List similar to the change in strategy to get customers to purchase products at shopping malls. See the product from the seller! A long time ago.When the concept of transaction was just beginning. Customers could only hear the advantages of the seller’s point of view when purchasing a product. Sellers advertise with a single point as a strategy to sell their products. “this knife can cut anything.


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