Why is D2C strategy becoming increasingly important

In an increasingly competitive e-commerce market. We introduce strategies for limitless growth. for limitless growth of the brand hello. This is josh, a marketer at v-review. An e-commerce company’s purchase conversion rate increase partner. Currently, there are keywords that are attracting attention in the increasingly competitive e-commerce ecosystem. This is the ‘d2c strategy’ . Starting with nike, a representative success story. Many brands are now selling products directly to customers through their own malls. However, we found that many brands that have grown through open markets are still.Hesitant to invest heavily in d2c or are unable to find a way to do so.

What is a D2C strategy

So today! We have prepared an article that goes over the basic definition, success stories. And prospects of strategy . What is a d2c strategy? – how brands and customers meet directly (direct to customer, consumer) . As its english meaning suggests, refers to a brand. Marketing, and distribution strategy based on channels that can Cyprus Phone Number List communicate and sell directly with consumers . Among them, the d2c strategy of e-commerce brands is operated by using. The company’s own mall or platform to sell products to customers. Without going through open markets such as coupang or naver shopping or intermediate distributors.

‘D2C’ for limitless growth of the brand 

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strategy – how brands and customers build direct relationships d2c strategy. – how brands and customers build direct relationships for convenience. Let’s divide these two routes into open market and d2c and look at each operation method AustraliaPhone  Number List and platform. In korea, open markets are typically opened on large platforms such as coupang, ssg, naver shopping, and 11th street , and depending on the category. Vertical platforms such as musinsa, 29cm, olive young, and market curly are utilized. I also do it. Conversely, in the case of d2c (in-house malls). There are cases where development is done directly through internal developers.


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