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Your ads will appear on and how users will receive your ads. Ad placement options vary bas on the goal you choose and the ad formats available for that goal. If you use ads and/or bundl ads you can select automatic ad placements which will display your ads throughout the app. This enables the flexibility to optimize your results and maximize your reach. Story Types Ads are locat within the Discovery Platform Filters are locat within the Camera Snap Ads and Ads can be plac in a combination of Publisher Stories. Our Stories.

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Offers and User Stories as well as Advertising Links Japan WhatsApp Number List Shown in Offers .Games. offers with games and sports. only lifestyle sports offers. It is recommend that you automatically select ad placements for expansion as removing placements may limit reach. Interface for placemaking businesses You can specify where your ads will appear by selecting Edit Ad Placements. By selecting Edit ad placements your options will be where ads will be seen between User Stories. Publisher Stories and Publisher Offers. User Stories Only Your ads are limit to user stories only.

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Only Offers and lifestyle

Within the content you will see advertising in China Email List storiesĀ  curat content partners and in our stories. By selecting this option you can customize the types of content you want to include or exclude ads. For example if your advertising goal is to drive traffic to your website and you sell beauty products you could add Beauty Fashion. Website Select the geographic locations where you want your ads to be serv. Select a country and choose specific marketing areas to include or exclude. By clicking on the map you will be able to place pins Explore location categories Pre-defin packages you can target These locations can range from music venues and beaches to car dealerships and movie theaters and search for countries regions.


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