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Settings Campaign settings include setting your daily budget.  will run. ad group details. and where your ads will appear. Name your campaign to specify the start and end dates of the time period you want your ads to appear. Choose a daily maximum spend and a campaign lifetime spend limit. This sets limits on how much your campaign can spend each day and over its lifetime. You can increase or cancel your campaign lifetime spending limit at any time in the future and you can lower your campaign lifetime spending limit at any time in the future as long as the limit is higher than the amount your campaign has spent.

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The Draft action allows you to save a draft of Jamaica WhatsApp Number List your campaign.  Ads Manager and you can save your progress; or collaborate with colleagues during the planning and preparation stages. Interface for designing an advertising campaign for a company Step 1 Create an ad group An ad set is a set of ads in an advertising campaign that has a specific audience. budget. targeting. and runtime criteria. In advanc creation mode you can have multiple ad groups in the same campaign. In this step we will define the ad format. where the ad will appear.

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Targeting information such as location Canada Email List demographics. audience. . The diagram shows the flow of ad paths starting with campaigns then ad groups and ending with ads. Ad Group Details This section will vary depending on the advertising objective you choose. In this section you can select the ad format activation code you want to use. If one is available. you can learn how to create one to start creating your own.And specify the attachment type how you want male and female users to interact with your ad. This will also vary bas on the ad targeting you choose. Ad group details interface on Where ads appear This section determines where.


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