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Content that makes money currently Monetization is available for public content on Page events and groups, as well as for content paid for on but us on third-party sites. However, regular posts in profiles cannot be monetiz.  supports monetization, you must use monetization. Features You must live in the region of the country where this product or feature is available. If you move to a place where this feature does not exist you may lose the ability to earn money from it. Do not violate community standards.

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These rules apply to all posts and interactions Taiwan WhatsApp Number List on including Rules against hate speech, expressions that encourage violence, and pornographic content. -party providers who post content that violates our community standards may consider them ineligible to use the monetization feature. Follow the monetization policy for monetiz content except There are additional layers of rules that must be pass beyond simply following community standards. These additional rules, call monetization policies, include tighter restrictions on the content itself and how it is present. Share authentic content Those who post content label as misinformation or fake news will be bann. Content will be review and will not be accept if it violates this order.

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If it was previously accept and someone Germany Email List reports an incorrect message, the content will be confirm and remov. Compliance with the  necessary to comply with the rules regarding making and receiving payments set out in this section for coordinat delivery and receipt of payments. Do you want to make sure you can profit from it? Follow these steps You can check if your page is eligible for monetization into Creator Studio by following the steps below. Click on the word Monetization on the left. Select the page you want to verify eligibility. Then press the Apply or Confirm.


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