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Button You will be taken to the monetization eligibility verification tool. You can understand the status of the page if you see the following. ready for monetization. Yellow This means your page is experiencing some issues that may affect its ability to generate revenue. R means your page has major issues so you can’t monetize it. Ways to Make Money How to Make Money in Different Ways Infographic There are many options for making money from selling products to increasing traffic to your blog or online store.

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Generally speaking these are the most Thailand WhatsApp Number List important ways you can currently make money. Both live ads and reel ads can help you make money by running short ads during or after your videos.  by identifying natural breaks in the content; or you can choose where and when your ads appear. Earnings are determin bas on a variety of factors including video views and advertisers. This option is available for longer videos, advertiser-friendly content, and collaborations with other brands. Collaborating with other brands is a way to make extra money. Post content that highlights business partners or demonstrates their influence.

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Most brands want to work with influencers India Email List followers. To facilitate this collaboration and make it safer and more beneficial for both parties, the concept of Manager Brand Collaboration was creat, a tool that allows creators and brands to find ways to connect with and monetize brands. Sell ​​your products or services. You can complete your profile on Sell your products and services there and continue to profit from the steady stream of sales there. This will help you achieve a steady stream of automatic revenue while.


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