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Avoiding now.  entrepreneur tasks will inevitably pile up on you whether because something new comes along or because something more important is prioritiz. So if you know You’ll be better able to manage priorities for which tasks are urgent and most important so even if a new task surprises you or the dates of old tasks change you’ll have enough clarity to deliver work that actually produces more valuable results.

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Clear priorities are a great way to tackle procrastination once and for all because they help you know what to take next and what you can put off Uruguay WhatsApp Number List further so you can climb the ladder step by step without jumping to higher levels than you expect.  Don’t strive for perfection. Sometimes chronic procrastination is caus by the pursuit of perfection. In this case, the pressure to make everything perfect may be the reason for your reluctance to start the project to complete its basic tasks or other forms of procrastination.

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If you suffer from perfectionism syndrome Poland Email List on the impact your project is having rather than obsessing over perfection. For example let’s say you are opening an import/export company and are working on creating a website to communicate with people from around the world It is important and necessary that clients everywhere ne to focus more on the impact of this step than on the aesthetics than you. It is true that.


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