How to write an irresistible headline in three easy steps . introduction using the Problem-Agitate-Solve PAS formula. We use this formula frequently on our blog. How does it work You start by describing the problem Then you inflame the problem by digging deeper into their pain Finally you give them a solution that gives them direction . Use the ASMR formula to make your articles easy to read Theres nothing more intimidating than a wall of text.

Good content writing makes it easy

Use the ASMR formula to design your content to make it easier to read Annotate – including marginalia quotation marks call boxes and other elements . Short Phone Number List sentences and paragraphs – Use the Hemingway Editor to find long complex sentences and shorten them. Multimedia Use videos images gifs and tweet embeds to illustrate your points. Read your content aloud Read Discover where your writing isnt flowing smoothly. Write the way you speak. The writing of web content is friendly and personal. Just like chatting with a friend.

Theres no need to be fancy or write an article

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Like you would if you were publishing an article in Nature. Your goal is to communicate not to impress with your rich vocabulary. So keep it casual and write like you speak. Get feedback on your writing As a creator you are so close to your work. You wont BMB Directory be able to spot your own mistakes. Thats why a second persons opinion is priceless. In fact at Ahrefs every blog post and script we write is subject to this kind of scrutiny. We took turns reading each others drafts and providing feedback. We point out things like logic holes discontinuities unclear points poorly worded sentences and more.

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