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What is the secret to increasing the purchase conversion rate of ‘honest table’. A brand that ventures from open markets to private malls and b2b? ‘honest table’. A brand that takes on challenges ranging from open markets to Moomuz a children’s in-house malls and b2b hello. This is josh, a marketer at v-review, a review marketing solution. This time, we visited pocheon, gyeonggi-do in person because among our v-review clients. There is a brand that is prominently active in the f&b (food & beverage) and grocery categories. ‍ ‘honest table’, which we will introduce today. Is a brand that focuses on ‘trust’.

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The most important value when selling groceries online. We provide safe food ingredients, hmr (home meal replacement). And meal kit products at good prices and are accelerating growth through quality reviews. In particular , it is said that they were able to Laos Phone Number Data achieve high purchase conversion and repurchase rates through ‘review-based marketing strategy’ and review marketing . ‍ let’s find out together the story of honest dining table, which is continuing various challenges, starting with opening a store in the open market, d2c strategy (development of its own mall), and expansion of b2b business. Honest dining table hanul f&b we left for pocheon, gyeonggi-do to meet ‘honest table (hanul f&b)’.

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What brand is ‘ honest table’? – honest dining table brand story ‍ the first thing I asked after meeting kim sang-hyun. Ceo of hanul f&b, who runs honest dining table. Was how he came up with the brand name ‘honest dining table.’ q. Please introduce the ‘honest table’ brand. ‍ ‍ a. ‘honest table’ is an f&b brand created with care with the idea that my family eats. We put so AustraliaPhone  Number List much effort into quality control that we actively introduced haccp certification. Which everyone has now, even when it was not mandatory. Through rigorous selection of raw materials and long-term product planning. Over 15 types of our own brand products, including myeongdong kimchi. Honest gamjatang, and hotteok rice dumplings.


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