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 Regan across bordersJuly 1, 2023 15:27Reading (60)Comment(0) So in view of the current increasingly higher traffic costs, how should we attract traffic at low cost? you. In 2022, the overall market trend is that competition will become increasingly fierce. 12 and 20 years, it has been on an upward development trend. In 2020, a wave of cross-border e-commerce exploded.

Friends who have done operations

But in 2021, due to the influx of many new sellers, the entire Amazon market became extremely competitive. Including this year, competition will only become more intense. So in view of the current increasingly high traffic costs, how should we attract traffic at low cost? Here I will share Phone Number List  my experience with you. 1: , you can start with long-tail precise words. may be confused, because the longer-tailed and precise words may have to bid higher than the big words to gain exposure.

What we want is accurate traffic

 Why do I say this? Isn’t it putting the cart before the horse to promote long-tail precise words? One thing everyone needs to understand is that when we don’t have a big advantage in the early stage of the product, we put big words in it. Although we can get a relatively large amount of traffic through relatively low bidding, these traffics are not BMB Directory  accurate. : Maybe a click on Big Word costs $1 per click, but our conversion rate is 1%, so it takes 100 clicks to place an order, and we need to invest $100 to place an order.

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