Even three-star restaurants

Home Services .Food Preparation . Career Advisor Personal Trainer If Do you want to start a new project? Here is a list of the best project ideas. Which jobs are likely to disappear in the future? We’ve known before that if a robot could do a human’s job, the robot would be a priority because it doesn’t complain, doesn’t take time off, or even gets paid, so learn which ones are most likely to disappear in the future. Important jobs are threaten and replac by robots. It is important that administrative and office functions are relat to management and computerization.

Cleaning Child and Elder Care

Everything from payroll, attendance UAE Telegram Number Data sheets, etc.  with high accuracy. Production and manufacturing work. Robots are more powerful than humans. More accurate and stable. This is why most production and manufacturing lines are likely to rely less on human workers. Supermarket employee automation is already happening in supermarkets in some countries. Everything is done automatically. Bank Branches As everything in the world continues to mechanize, bank branches are expect to decrease or disappear.

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Can now be done automatically

Short-order chef robots have begun to take over Canada Email List the kitchen.  are expect to rely on robots to run their restaurants and prepare food. Telemarketers have now been replac by artificial intelligence robots. How you prepare for the future of work and secure your place in the labor market. Be responsible for your career. Taking responsibility for the consequences of the steps or decisions you take or should take is the most important thing in your life and every outcome is There are reasons that are the rules of life. So if you believe in that rule, you will believe that you are responsible for your own life. Therefore, you will not expect to receive training from official or unofficial entities seeking to acquire the skills ne in the labor market Choose.


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