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These days, lack of time and saturated schedules can prevent us from going to a sports center or gym. However, thanks to technology, it is possible to exercise from the comfort of home, so teaching online classes on different platforms such as. YouTube or Zoom can be a great business opportunity. Some alternatives to explore are: self-defense classes, Yoga, Pilates, Ballet, Zumba, etc… Virtual gift tables: wish lists for different events where. Instead of receiving physical gifts, they obtain the monetary value of it in a bank account. Your profit will  Create a website come from charging commissions on. The amount that users receive. Your potential clients are couples who are getting married, soon-to-be parents, birthday children and graduates.

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Services for the elderly: You are surely informed that the elderly population is constantly growing, in addition to the fact that people are Germany Phone Number Data now living longer thanks to new technologies and the advances that have been achieved in medicine. Some ideas  to take advantage of this trend: offer travel services for seniors. Have a caregiver service for the elderly, advice or classes in computer areas for them. Health and home care services, social events for the elderly, etc. . Starting a business in this area can be rewarding, both socially and financially.

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Aquaponic greenhouses: with fish tanks. The plants are nourished by the water with the waste of the fish and then the liquid, once purified by Germany Phone Number List  the plants, is returned to the fish tanks. Your market is those interested in products of natural origin. It is a sustainable and commercially viable alternative to produce food in cities. Exotic food kits: Offer culinary adventures by marketing packages with spices. Recipes and even drink and music recommendations. To prepare exotic dishes, with the convenience of including the exact amount of ingredients. Your clients will be people accustomed to cooking who are looking to enjoy new culinary experiences.


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