V-Review ‘I’m Web’ launch promotion information

If you are a shopping mall using I’m web. You can use v-review right away! Hello. This is v-review’s darm, the e-commerce company’s purchase conversion rate increasing partner! Finally. Those who are using I’m web can now use v-review there are many V-Review ‘I’m people who have been waiting and inquiring about the launch of I’m V-Review ‘I’m web for several years. With this launch, many people will be able to collect high-quality photo/video reviews from customers using v-review’s interactive chatbot. Analyze the collected reviews with ai. And use them for marketing! V-review’s review collection method provides premium widgets that allow you to write reviews within the shopping mall.

Announcement of V-review special benefits

Such as video, photo. And text reviews posted directly in the kakaotalk chat room. Review bulletin board, and my review widget v-review’s ai function to increase purchase intent conversion rate by 14.7% ai review curation that prioritizes reviews that contribute Mexico Phone Number Data to sales ai review analysis that. Analyzes and utilizes customer reviews / ai recommended keyword review filter ai review filtering that prevents repetitive review uploads and automatically filters out risky reviews such as violence and sensationalism ‍ ‍ announcement of v-review special benefits commemorating the launch of I’m web to commemorate the launch of I’m web. We have prepared special benefits to express our gratitude.

How to install I’mWeb VReview

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If you have been waiting for the v-review, take advantage of the benefits during the promotion period limited to customers who have introduced v-review until april 21, 2024. 100% exemption from I’mweb fee for one year for use until april 30. How to install I’mweb vreview you can install v-review through the additional services menu on the I’mweb AustraliaPhone  Number List administrator page. I’m web admin > shopping > customer reviews > click the v review ‘service request’ button in additional services when the rest api issuance request notification window appears. Click the ‘receive api key’ button and copy the two issued ‘api key’ and ‘secret key’. You will be connected to v-review membership registration in a new window. After signing up, enter the api key and secret key copied from imweb. After selecting the subscription plan you want to use


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