The background to andar’s incredible performance over the past 23 years was its ‘excellent product & customer experience strategy.’ intro: excellent brands grow quickly even in recessions. Now that the overall growth rate of e-commerce brands has slowed. There are some that are showing unusual growth. This is <andar>, the no. 1 athleisure brand . It broke the The inevitable image of the athleisure category. Which was previously limited to ‘yoga wear’. And penetrated into the daily lives of various customer bases such as men’s line, juniors, swimwear, and tennis. Establishing itself as the brand with the most unrivaled performance in the second quarter of 2023.

Andar’s outstanding performance confirmed by numbers

Now that brands are more interested than Korea Phone Number Data ever in operating profit growth. We heard firsthand the story of <andar>, which is maintaining its no. 1 position the most amazing way the ‘men’s line’ category was the core of andar’s performance in the second quarter. The ‘men’s line’ category was the core of andar’s performance in the second quarter. 1. Andar’s outstanding performance confirmed by numbers first. Let’s take a look at the financial performance that <andar> recorded in the second quarter of this year and its significance.

Andar’s ‘product strategy’ that successfully changed customer perception

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We succeeded in exceeding 60 billion won in quarterly sales for the first time in the athleisure industry . This represents a growth of 114% compared to the previous year and 80% compared to the first quarter . Since the endemic, domestic online shopping transactions Australia Phone Number List have grown at a rate of more than 6 times compared to the average growth rate of 13% in 2022 . ‍ in addition, operating profit, an indicator that receives more attention than sales these days recorded krw 7 billion, up 23% from the previous year . Although it is outstanding in terms of scale. It is even more encouraging that it is healthy growth without losing substance.

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