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Review the new leads Ad add them to your list or reach out to them directly. new results sav linkin advanc search LinkIn Sales Navigator is a powerful sales tool that can help you find and connect with more prospects faster and easier. If you want to take your sales prospecting to the next level you should consider upgrading to LinkIn Sales Navigator today. Search LinkIn with Google LinkIn is a great platform for finding and connecting with professionals but sometimes its search function can be limit or restrict.

For example you may

Encounter the commercial use limit which ruces Special Data your search results if you use LinkIn for lead generation or recruiting. Or you may not be able to find the exact profiles you are looking for because LinkIn does not support some advanc search operators or filters. Fortunately there is a way to overcome these limitations and search LinkIn with more flexibility and accuracy. You can use Google to search LinkIn profiles using some special techniques and operators. Heres how . Use the site operator The site operator tells Google to only show results from a specific website or domain. For example if you type in the Google search bar you will only see results from LinkIn.

Use quotation marks

With google You can also use subdomains to narrow down your results further. For example in will only show personal profiles while company will only show company pages. . Use the intitle operator The intitle operator tells Google to only show results that have a specific word or phrase in the title. linkin google advanc search title For example if you type intitlemarketing in in the Google search bar you will only see profiles that have the word BMB Directory marketing in their title. This can help you find people with specific job titles or skills. .  Quotation marks tell Google to treat the words inside.

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