Or subscribing to a service

Targeting to provide your potential customers with more information about your product or service. Interest targeting helps engage potential customers throughout their journey by encouraging them to take actions that interest them such as installing your app. visiting your website. or watching a video. App installation directs users to download your app. users directly to your website to browse your products. get a quote or learn more about your services. Drive app traffic Direct users to your app or third-party apps.

Drive website traffic Send

Increase engagement Get more users to Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List interact with your ads by opening your story. sharing a filter. or experiencing an augment reality experience. your brand or products to users through video clips such as movies. game trailers. product promotional videos. product launch videos. product groups or product reviews. Attract Leads Attract potential customers to your business. Conversions Use the conversion goal to encourage male and female users to interact in a specific and relevant way within your website or app such as purchasing a product.

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Attract video views Promote

Purchasing a virtual good. submitting an Brazil Email List email address. . There are two options in the conversion objective Website Conversion Acquisition New Customer The goal is to increase specific engagement on the website such as creating a new account to sign up for a newsletter. loyalty program. etc. Catalog sales target new or existing customers interest in purchasing your products and services. This activity goal requires that you have a product catalog. So you can download the product’s files or request an existing catalog from your organization administrator Campaign.


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