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That is, at home each month. with new educational games for your children. You can also create subscription plans. Car maintenance: Design an assistance and technical service model at home, helping your customers save time. By not having to take or pick up their car from the workshop. An advantage of this model is that. you do not require. A location to operate. Food subscription: Taking into account the modern pace of life, many people do not have time to cook or to think about what to eat every day. This business seeks to be a solution for these people. A subscription plan according to their schedules, tastes and eating habits. You would be in charge of bringing the client a delicious, healthy and nutritious meal to their home or office every day.

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Fashion without leaving home: the Internet is increasing. Take advantage of this trend by creating a website that offers consumers the Laos Phone Number Data possibility of dressing fashionably and with clothes that flatter them. Being advised by fashion experts via video call. Once the client chooses the clothes of their choice, you are in charge of delivering them to the door of their house. Online Health: Every day everyone has one or another health problem and would love to be able to easily consult with a specialist to be able to act appropriately and on time.

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Online with specialists in different areas (dermatology, psychology, gynecology, pediatrics, etc.). Your income comes from charging a Iran Phone Number List commission for each service. That is booked from your platform. Green orders: People appreciate their time, which is why “order” services with home delivery have become very popular. One way to differentiate yourself in this market is to leave aside the car and motorcycle and offer environmentally sustainable shipping, collection and parcel options, making use of ecological vehicles. Well-equipped mothers:


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