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Course there won’t be one that will fit.  and all jobs. own unique situation and that doesn’t stop you from having a lot of things you can do well that will secure you a place in the job of the future. As technology develops and change accelerates, what was last year now only nes to be updat. This means you have to keep training permanently or you run the risk of being overtaken by the fast pace. Today the big countries of the world and some Arab countries are training people to perform robotic activities.

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Making them robots bas on artificial intelligence USA Telegram Number Data and machine intelligence).  the blue hats of workers then the goal of robots is the ties and administrative positions everywhere. If The employee cannot add value. He will be replac. That is why the world is turning to freelancing as an alternative to work. Whether it is by creating your own projects or providing work skills independently. In the Unit States alone, the number of people in the workforce of 2019 was declar as a freelancer. jobs this number will increase to even more.

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By the year this proportion will increase to even Australia Email List more and this trend is also accelerating in Europe as Millennials no longer want to be employees but become digital influencers and are free to engage in their own Jobs. Work anytime, anywhere, earn money and travel the world Jobs of the future What are the most prominent jobs and what challenges will you face Infographic What skills are most ne for the jobs of the future New annual research highlights the most important soft skills for the future of work Creating Urging collaboration Adaptive emotional intelligence as a response to a world with increasing technology us.


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