Discuss the difficulties faced by BB enterprise

It can be seen from the report release by Forrester in 2020 that CMOs have a tendency to be marginalize by companies. The chief digital officer. chief growth officer. chief information officer. and chief operating officer continue to move forward in the company’s importance. The company’s strategic direction and organizational structure determine the status of marketing and the intensity of investment. Especially when the return on investment has no clear effect and an epidemic is encountere. the CMO’s position is particularly embarrassing.

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CMO is a profession that does not nee to worry about being replace by AI. because the core of his function is to Decision Maker Email List connect people’s nees and emotions. But at the same time. CMO is a profession that requires constant advancement. because the development of all technologies is most quickly applie to marketing and marketing. Discuss the difficulties faced.  Especially in the post-epidemic era. face with the ever-changing market environment. CMOs urgently nee to use effective marketing innovation strategies to drive the achievement of growth goals. Discuss the 4 difficulties face by B2B enterprise CMOs in marketing innovation However. innovation in marketing thinking is not something that can be achieve overnight – especially for B2B enterprise CMOs.

Because their target customers are enterprises

Rather than individuals. they often face greater resistance in the practice of marketing BMB Directory innovation . such as: The B2B marketing decision-making chain is long. and the CEO questions the value of brand marketing ; the B2B industry has outdate methods.Discuss the difficulties faced.  And it is difficult to think innovatively; it is unable to understand the in-depth nees of customer companies. and it is difficult to make agile decisions and actions; it is difficult to convert private domain traffic . and it does not know how to effectively link with sales. Next. we will discuss these four problems in detail. 1. The B2B marketing decision-making chain is long. and the CEO questions the value of brand marketing . How does a B2B enterprise CMO persuade the boss to invest more in branding Li Qian.

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