Data about users who interact

Audiences Find and quickly apply audience templates using sav audiences.  to your ad groups when you create a campaign using them. Third-party Custom Audiences create highly target groups bas on users’ past purchasing patterns or viewing behavior. Through partnerships with and Advertisers can access massive data marketplaces to create segments for individual campaigns. goals. products or services.

You can apply sav audiences

Please note that these features are currently Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List only available in the Unit States.  have shown interest in and directly interact with your brand in the past. Users who have interact with your site are automatically retain for days. with the exception of audiences associat with register campaigns. These users are retain for months. If there has been no mia spend on any of these segments for a full year we will automatically remove them from the UI.

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Target individuals who

Ad engagement audiences target people India Email List who took specific actions on your ads using your ad account or specific campaigns within your ad account. with your ads will be retain for months. Device Selection The devices you want to target include operating system. device model. connection type. and service provider. Quote Enter your daily budget. quote. and goals. The system displays recommend bid amounts to provide you with a reference when setting your bids. This amount is bas on the average performance of the platform. Please note that your ad group is already set to active. The offer will begin on the start date and time once the.


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