States and metro areas. Specific market. zip code. address. latitude and longitude binary. Some things to note: You can add up to a maximum number of sites. The estimat reach in the upper left corner will adjust bas on the geo-targeting you choose. countries you’ll ne to create a new ad group for each country. If the coverage is less than . then the targeting may be too limit to add to the ad group.

If you want to target multiple

Visit the page about location targeting to learn Jordan WhatsApp Number List more about how to target your audience bas on their location. demographics determine the age group. gender. and language of your target audience. If you’re promoting an idea or product that requires age restrictions. check the box next to Regulat content. Audiences Prefin audiences communicate with target audiences bas on user interests and behaviors such as gamers. beauty enthusiasts or crafters. Custom Audiences use your customer data to reach. exclude. or create lookalike audiences.

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Geotargeting interface

Audiences Build audiences using lists of Germany Email List devices. Audiences make it easy to upload customer lists. get audience statistics such as the number of match users. it and delete audiences. and create lookalike audiences bas on upload data. Lookalike Audiences Lookalike audiences are made up of users who are likely to be interest in your business because they are similar to people already in the audience. You will be able to create Lookalike Audiences if you have upload Matching Audiences for Audiences. Audiences. or Third-Party Audiences.


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