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Customer care creates die-hard brand advocates who continue to support your business with money and word-of-mouth marketing. after they make a purchase.  your gratitude and offering an incentive to buy from you again. Engage with them on social mia with more coming soon. Think of them as relationships rather than just transactions.Add an FAQ section to your website to answer frequently ask questions. For the contact page of your website add your contact details and hours and add a mobile number.

Consider offering them a free product

Email address and chat link if available to avoid Guatemala WhatsApp Number List customer guesswork and frustration. The most important thing is responding quickly when customers contact you makes them feel important and that their opinion matters. All of this will build a strong ongoing relationship. Selling more expensive items and selling additional items Selling more expensive items and selling additional items are often overlook opportunities associat with a progressive path to purchase.

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Send them an email expressing

Selling more expensive items involves offering better alternatives while selling additional items involves offering product packages that more or Germany Email List less the customer is searching for or buying in the online store. Both paths can occur during or after the buying process. Most examples of people being expos to this tactic come from their Amazon shopping experiences. For example you start by looking at cheese graters and your browser will be fill with suggestions for kitchen utensils. dishes and more.


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