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Back and look at Fthen installs your app.  Google AdWords in that it focuses on the specific action of installing an app rather than the cost of serving ads to a thousand users. The cost-per-install model is best for mobile app developers who want to increase the number of app downloads and installs. This pricing model is especially useful for new applications looking to build a user base quickly. On the other hand mode is best suit for businesses looking to increase brand awareness or promote a specific product or service. Clothing stores. for example. can use mockups to display ads to users interest in fashion. lifestyle. and lifestyle topics.

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By using a mockup store you can increase the number of impressions and views your ads receive thereby increasing brand awareness and potentially increasing sales over time.  focus on converting impressions and page viewsPromote a new product to your Oman WhatsApp Number Data website.However if only half of the website visitors see the ad the company only pays $. The terms impressions and page views. CPM and CPI are often us interchangeably with impressions in the digital advertising industry.

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To better understand what that means let’s Switzerland Phone Number List take a step between the terms impressions versus pageviews and cost per install. Impressions and page views are both metrics us to measure ad performance but they actually represent slightly different things. Impressions are the number of times an ad is shown on a relevant web page or social mia platform. whether or not a user actually views the ad. In contrast the term page views refers to the number of times a user views a web page or social mia post regardless of the number of ads display on that page. For example suppose.


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